Digital Energy
                  Digital Energy
                  We fulfill our vision of building a digital enterprise and empowering a digital society with concrete actions. Our comprehensive energy management service is dedicated to building an energy management system that can realize multi-energy (such as wind, light, water and fire etc.) complementary utilization and combined supply of cooling, heating and gas. In response to customers’ needs, we can provide customized comprehensive energy-saving and high-efficiency energy management integrated solutions that can greatly improve energy use efficiency.
                  Zero-carbon Park
                  A zero-carbon park can facilitate the synergized functioning of cooling, heating, power and gas, dispatch of power source, network, load and storage, as well as cross-level interaction between the power grid, the park, enterprises and distributed resource
                  Green Energy Construction
                  Through the construction of new energy and green power, we can optimize energy structure and reduce the cost on purchased electricity; through sophisticated metering analysis, we can identify abnormal leaking &wasting of energy; through equipment transfor
                  Intelligent Energy Management
                  Intelligent energy management underpinned by IOT technology and cloud technology can be called the brain of comprehensive energy services, providing multi-dimensional services including panoramic monitoring, energy efficiency management and multi-energy c
                  Green Cloud Intelligent Operation and Maintenance
                  Based on our green power construction, transformation for energy conservation, energy-efficiency services, metering and billing, business expansion, power purchase and sale, virtual power plants and other services, we can help customers reduce energy cost
                  Virtual Power Plant
                  The pan-regulation platform with load resource pools can realize pan-perception and optimal control. It can response in seconds and is available with AGC control. The aggregation management platform, by integrating scattered user-side resources, can enhan
                  Carbon Asset Management
                  We establish carbon emission models based on direct carbon emissions, indirect carbon emissions, and other indirect emissions of enterprises, and conduct professional evaluation based on the minimum allowable granularity to help enterprises take carbon in